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Flama Maritime Tourism and Co. Ltd. as a result of 20 years of experience in maritime pennants in 2000 and began operations in the province of Canakkale.
SERVICE Since our establishment we have had continuous efforts and investments in order to include more professional and makes diversity.For this purpose, to open branch in Izmit Izmit Bay in 2001, agency operations, agency acquired in 2004, Ugur 44 Ship agency services and the rapid pace that has proven itself in the sector.


By analyzing the requirements and the shortcomings of his time in 2004 in efforts to continue to leap FOOD & DRINK SHIP CHANDLER and than MILLER & FLAMA SHIPPING shipowning company in
2005 by implementing the company has established and Chartering.
Our Companies, located within the 42 professional personnels, 2 Agent Service boat, with 2 x Dry Cargo Ship Maritime Services, QUALITY, PROBLEM FREE SERVICE, HONESTY IN THE LIGHT OF THE PRINCIPLES dedication and effort in making the technological environment


<->Mehmet IŞIK | Company Owner / GSM :0532 413 05 53
<->Ayhan IŞIK | General Manager
<->Lütfi KÜLAH|  (CEO)/ GSM : 0533 472 10 76
<->Barış ÜREY | Port Operation Manager / 0533 4721078
<->Rıdvan KESKİN | StraitsOperation and Computing Officer 
<->Muzaffer TURAN | Port Operation Officer / GSM : 0532 492 55 42
<->Eray KILIÇ | Straits Operation Officer
<->Anıl YAŞİN  | Straits Operation Officer
<->Murat Özdemir | Officer of the port operation
<->Nurettin GÜL | Boat Captain
<->Yusuf POMAK| Boat Captain
<->Ergin CANDAN | Boat Crew
<->Burak KILIÇ | Boat Crew
<->Aziz ATAÇ | Port Operations Officer
<->Murat ÖZDEMİR; | Transit Ship Operation Officer
<->Ata AKTÜRK | Account Dept.Mng.
<->Aynur TEZCAN | Account Dept.
<->Fevzi DÖNMEZ | Account Dept.
<->Eray AYDIN | Izmit Gulf Port Operation / 0533 472 10 77
| Sub-Agency;
| Port Agency;
| Engine Service;
| Chandler;
| North-South, South-North directions from the Canakkale Straits last follow-up list of all ships;
| Chartering

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